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How does it work?

Connect your screens to POMP using our Apple TV app and manage them with our easy to use panel. Upload videos, images or dynamic content with our integrations.

Connect your Apple TV or Android TV to your screen via HDMI

Download POMP – digital signage from the app store.

Link your device via the POMP dashboard.

Start creating content for your devices.

Simple Digital Signage for every business

Digital signage doesn’t have to be hard. 

With POMP all you need is a POMP subscription and an Apple TV or Android TV device. You can use any existing display you might have.

With POMP, you can be set up in minutes!

Images & Video

POMP supports photos and videos. These can be uploaded into your media library and swapped in and out at any time.

Build your playlists

Build your own playlists, made up of images, videos and smart integrations. You can also apply scheduling and conditions.

Cloud Based

Our cloud based software allows you to update your content from anywhere, and have yours changes be applied instantly to your signage.

Offline Mode

Whether you are on the go, or frequently lose internet access, our range of apps store all data on the player, meaning they fully function without internet.


We also a range of smart integrations to keep your digital signage dynamic ranging from Google Calendar, Weather, Spotify, Canva to alot more.


With a range of apps available, covering Apple TV, Android and iPad. We support multiple platforms. With more planned for the future.

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POMP is free to use with 1 device, download our apps and get started now

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