POMP is an easy to manage Digital Signage solution.

Simply connect your Apple TV or Android TV device with the POMP app and get up and running in minutes.

Incorporate smart digital signage, easy.

  • POMP is digital signage that’s smart.
  • POMP allows you to show custom digital content on any number of screens.
  • POMP supports offline mode. Sync your playlist to your device then continue to use the device without internet.
  • All you need is an Apple TV or Android TV device, a screen and a POMP subscription.
  • POMP doesn’t need on-site servers or complicated infrastructure, just an internet connection.
  • POMP generates dynamic content on the fly from a variety of integrations, without the need for manual data entry.
  • POMP offers a simple, but effective way to incorporate dynamic smart signage into your business, school, club, or building.

Create playlists and get your content display in minutes.

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Easy Setup

Our dashboard and app allow for quick and easy pairing, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Easy Onboarding

Not IT-savvy at all? Not to worry, we can take care of anything you not sure about in our onboarding process: configuring your displays and playlists, and connect your integrations.

Easy Management

Our cloud-based dashboard allows you to manage, create and edit all of your digital screens from anywhere.

Multi-playlist Support

Planning on having multiple displays with different content, Pomp supports multiple playlists per account

No Server Required

Because POMP is cloud-based software, you don’t need an on-site server or big infrastructure, just an Apple TV or Android TV device and internet (either wired or wireless).

Custom Integrations

Want to integrate with something we don’t offer yet? Get in touch! We’re always open to suggestions on new integrations.